Elimination communication update


Things have been going well with elimination communication lately! Jack poops in the potty as soon as he wakes up most days, so as long as I am quick to wake up when I hear him moving I can always catch that. We only miss poops when either he’s not quite done in the morning or if he goes again later in the day and I don’t catch it. Overall I probably only have to wash a poopy diaper once a week or so, which is great! I’ve been washing them and spraying them with a hydrogen peroxide/lemon juice mixture and leaving them in the sun for a few hours and that’s amazing at getting the stains out!

We are still only catching about half his pees (and he wears cloth diapers most of the day) which is ok with me. I’m hoping when he gets closer to a year old he will learn the word or sign for “bathroom” and can communicate more easily when he needs to go.

I bought a cute little wool soaker a few weeks ago, and it’s pretty easy to get on and off to use the potty. (That’s a tree on the back of it by the way). I just pull it down half way and he can pee without it coming all the way off, and then it just takes a few seconds to get back on. I like the soaker style a lot because there is no velcro to scratch his stomach while sitting, and it can be easier than snaps depending on the situation. I think they also look the cutest out of any diaper I have, and can pass as shorts so they eliminate the need for an extra layer of clothes. We have been fine using a trifolded prefold (without snappis because I’m lazy) inside the soaker.