Non-toxic high chairs

tripp trapp high chair nontoxic review

I read great reviews about the Tripp Trapp high chair, but I looked up lots of alternatives because it’s so expensive! As you can see, in the end we decided to buy it though.

I really wanted a wood high chair because then you don’t have to worry about flame retardants in the upholstery or cushion, pesticides in the fabric, or cleaning a bunch of stains off fabric all the time. So I spent a lot of time looking online and on craigslist for solid wood chairs (no particleboard etc) with safe paint. I’m glad I looked for non-toxic paint since Jack has already been sucking on his chair!

On the very budget end, I found this solid wood chair which my parents got to use with Jack at their house. It’s actually pretty cute in the darker wood colors, and only about $40! However, at 6 months he is too low to eat off the table while sitting in it since the height doesn’t adjust. The area where you sit is also kind of big, so he slouches and leans back in it, even with a pillow behind him. It works well for occasional use though, and would probably be better once we figure out a better way to prop him up.

I also considered plastic options like the really cheap Ikea chair, but I really prefer to avoid plastic if at all possible. Also, the cheap ones like Ikea don’t adjust the height and foot rests, which makes it less comfortable for continuous use.

The Badger and Keekaroo are mid-priced and adjustable, but I thought they looked too curvy and kid-like and wouldn’t match as well in our modern apartment. I thought about it a lot and decided to pay for the Tripp Trapp since the chair would sit in our dining area every day for years, so it made sense for us to pay for one that would look better.

We also debated about the child seat for the Tripp Trapp. Since it has a 5 point harness, you technically can use it just with that since 6 months. Jack still isn’t sitting completely on his own though, so I’m glad we got the child seat (even though it’s plastic) because it seems really safe and there is no way he could get out of it.

We got the child seat on craigslist to save money, but bought the Tripp Trapp new. There were some for sale used but were barely any cheaper, so it didn’t seem worth the cost of driving across town and carrying it back home. It was easy to set up, and I built it myself WHILE wearing Jack in the Moby!

We oped not to get the expensive tray type thing, but instead just push it up to the table, and he loves being with the family.

So far he seems super comfortable in it and is happy playing with his toys in there for maybe 20 minutes, while he started fussing after 5-10 minutes in my dad’s cheaper wooden chair.

Also, it’s SUPER easy to wipe clean (just wipe the 2 flat parts and a little of the baby seat if it gets slightly dirty). I like that Jack can use it for years and years since the height can be changed. It also comes with extra gliders to put under it so that the baby can’t tip it backwards. It seems really sturdy and well made so far.

FYI, I had originally thought to save money by getting a booster seat to use as a high chair that I could also use as a chair on the floor throughout the house. Sadly, they are all plastic from what I found, and most like this Price Lionheart one are polyurethane which is highly flammable so treated with flame retardants, made of a petroleum derivative, and often processed with formaldehyde. Yikes! Especially since babies put everything in their mouths.