Review of babyhawk mei tai


My friend has a babyhawk mei tai she let me borrow, so I was excited to try it out with Jack (13 months old and weighing 23 pounds). I am always looking for carriers that have good neck support because he likes leaning his head backwards which hurts my back, but he hates having a hood over his head. 

I wanted to compare it to the carriers I already have, and the headrest was about 2 inches shorter than the bamberoo, but an inch taller than the tula. The width is also a little smaller than my toddler carriers, and the waist belt is not padded and narrower.


babyhawk vs. toddler bamberoo



babyhawk vs. toddler tula

Pros of the babyhawk mei tai:

  • It can be made of organic cotton
  • It’s easier to do a high back carry than other structured carriers
  • It can be cheaper than other carriers, especially other toddler ones
  • It folds up really small
  • It can be reversible so you have a manly print for your husband and a cute print for the wife :)
  • Pretty nice sized headrest that didn’t fold down easily
  • You can criss cross the straps behind you during a front carry which gives extra support
  • You can do a hip carry with it




Cons of the mei tai:

  • The waist band is not padded so I found it to be MUCH less comfortable for wearing my heavy boy longer than a few minutes
  • The long straps you use to tie it on would hit the floor if you were putting it on outside and get dirty
  • Harder to tighten after you have the baby inside than a buckle carrier where you just pull the strap

Overall I decided it just wasn’t comfortable enough with my heavy boy to get one, and it made me appreciate my other carriers a lot more. I bet it would work better for little babies though.