Baby led weaning update


Jack has been eating sold food for about a week and a half now, and some foods have been working better than others.

Here are some things that worked or didn’t work well for us with baby led weaning (everything was organic FYI):

  • We tried baked sweet potato spears first, but he didn’t eat much of them. I cut them into fry shapes and baked with olive oil for about 30 minutes or so at around 400 degrees. They were easy for him to grab because I made then pretty fat and long, but they were so soft that they turned into mush quickly and he didn’t eat much.
  • Some things we gave I guess weren’t cooked enough because he was able to grab them easily and with minimal mess and suck on them a little, but didn’t eat any. This included roasted carrot (pictured above), sauteed broccoli spear, and a probably not ripe enough avocado spear.
  • Some things were too soft and therefore hard for him to hold. I tried giving him a roasted red pepper from a glass jar sold at whole foods, but it was really floppy and he couldn’t put it in his mouth well
  • Bananas have been the only thing he actually eats a decent amount of so far. I at first gave him a half banana with part of the peel on to make it less slippery. However, he took the peel off and then started sucking bits off the inside of the peel which was creative. I cute the banana lengthwise in half so he could grab it, and while it was slippery as long as the pieces were long he could put it in his mouth easily and it was soft enough to eat.

Next on my list to try:

  • Dipping a spoon in applesauce or coconut greek yogurt (we’re avoiding dairy due to allergy) and letting him feed himself
  • spears of melon or watermelon
  • kiwi
  • steamed carrot
  • mashed beans

At least he’s been having fun so far, and the dog especially loves it!

Introducing Solids


Jack turned 6 months old the other day so we started giving him solid food! We are doing baby-led weaning and the first food we have been giving him is baked sweet potato fries. I peeled a sweet potato from the farmer’s market and cut it into long thick fry shapes and baked them for about 30 minutes. Jack loves to put everything in his mouth, but over a few days he seems to mainly just be licking the food so far and eating very little of it which I think is normal.

We are using the Tripp Trapp high chair which I love so far. Jack has been playing with spoons and sitting in it for a few weeks now, and he really enjoys it. He seems comfortable and likes to be able to reach things and watch me in the kitchen. We got the espresso color which was on sale here¬†and are using the baby seat that I found on craigslist. You can apparently use the harness and don’t need the baby seat, but it seems to really secure him in there (it’s a tiny bit hard for me to even get him in/out) so I like it. eating also gets messy, so I like that I can just wipe the seat off. The chair is REALLY easy to clean and is made of eco-friendly wood, so I love it. It’s also ergonomic so the child’s feet can always be resting on something as they grow. I was able to put it together by myself while wearing the baby!

We decided not to buy the tray which is really expensive but got this silicone placemat instead. It sort of sticks to our glass table although Jack can pull it off if he wants to.

We’re going to avoid dairy because of possible allergies and likely most other allergy-causing foods. Our doctor recommended we start with vegetables and then move to fruits which are sweeter, so I’m going to try to think of some other options. I think the sweet potato may have been too mushy and stringy, so I may try something more firm and easy to hold that he can suck on like broccoli, or just give him an avocado I have… Hopefully he continues to be interested and starts actually eating some food soon!

For now, our dog Bear is the main one enjoying the sweet potatoes