Using coconut oil

I’m so thankful for my baby for a lot of reasons, and one of them is that having him introduced me to a bunch of healthy things. I never bought a jar of coconut oil before I had Jack, but I decided to because I wanted to find the most natural diaper cream to use on him, and using something that you can eat seemed like a safe bet!

I found organic coconut oil for pretty cheap at Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods is pretty cheap too. I store it at room temperature because it gets pretty rock-solid in the fridge.

Here is what I do with it:

  • Slather it on baby’s diaper area to prevent rashes (we haven’t had any diaper rash in 6 months so far!) I keep it in a little glass jar by the changing area
  • Put it all over baby’s skin after bath time as a moisturizer (it even has some ability to act as sunscreen)
  • Use it as moisturizer for my skin, although I have to be careful to only use a little or it looks oily. It’s supposed to help prevent wrinkles due to the antioxidants
  • Use it on my hair instead of gel
  • Use it instead of butter or oil for baking. It works really well because it is a solid at cool temperatures, so it holds baked goods together well unlike other oils which stay liquid
  • Use it to make vegan chocolate sauce¬†which also acts like magic shell in that it hardens when it touches ice cream or gets cold
  • For some reason I think it works really well to oil a baking sheet or a muffin pan

A random note: my dog usually wasn’t interested in eating the oil in a jar I had out by the diaper area, but one day I spilled a bunch and the dog ate it all! (He’s a super fast eater!). I called the vet who said it should be fine, and he will throw it up which luckily he did. So don’t feed a whole cup of this stuff to a pet…