Eco-friendly pregnancy tests


Have you ever thought about how much excess plastic is involved in a normal pregnancy test and wondered if there were other options? When I was trying to save money instead of paying at least $4 per test at CVS, I saw that you can buy just the test strips online, like on for .50 cents per test! It’s way more eco friendly and uses less plastic, and is super cheap for people like me who want to take tests often because I’m too impatient to wait until I miss my period when they would be 99% accurate.

The ones I linked to are even as sensitive as those super early tests that give results 6 days before your missed period! They have been accurate for me so far too, but you can always have a backup of another brand if you want to double check occasionally. They are really easy to use too, and while they are pretty narrow strips, they are several inches long so you can dip them in easily.

I haven’t tried them, but they also sell ovulation test strips which sounds great since you often need to use a bunch of those per cycle.