Disana diaper cover


I ordered a Disana cover in orange size 2-3T a few weeks ago for Jack who is 8 months and 19 pounds. So far it’s my favorite cover for evenings/nights! Since we do elimination communication I like to have Jack in prefolds without a snappi or anything so we can easily let him go to the potty. I’m sure the Disana would work well with snappis or fitted diapers, but I was thrilled that the trifolded prefold stayed put just fine during the night.

What I like about the Disana cover so far:

  • It was fairly inexpensive compared to other organic wool options
  • It’s really easy to put on and to pull the wet prefold out because it’s very stretchy
  • It got poop on it and it was easier to lean than the interlock covers I have
  • It’s colorful so it seems like you won’t be able to see stains
  • It is so soft and snugly and seems completely comfortable (no velcro digging into his tummy)
  • No leaks at all so far because it comes up over their tummy and down the legs
  • It looks like little shorts when I have him in the carrier and walk outside, so I don’t feel like he looks like he’s wearing a diaper

What I don’t like:

  • It took a LONG time to dry compared to my other covers (about 2 days when soaked!)