Jack’s organic first birthday!


We had Jack’s first birthday party today, and it was really fun! I was a little stressed and barely got things ready in time, but it all went smoothly and Jack and our family and friends enjoyed themselves. Here are some highlights:

  • I made a dairy-free and sugar-free date-sweetened cake with coconut milk frosting, and Jack loved it! I thought it was good (especially the frosting), and other people liked it too which I was surprised by! We had another dessert too, but I was happy that anyone tried or liked our cake at all. I decorated it with walnuts since it was a carrot cake, and used a natural candle on top. The recipe I used for the cake only is here¬†except I used pureed dates instead of honey. I also cut it in half and put a filling of frosting which was a very good idea and made it moister.


  • We had healthy and mostly dairy-free food. I made deviled eggs, I got organic hummus from trader joe’s and served it with veggies, and we got some bagels and cream cheese. I also made spinach artichoke dip with mayo and vegan cheese melted on top and people loved it! My step-mom brought amazing roasted veggies too, and there was also fruit salad.
  • I made an adorable fabric bunting using scraps of organic fabric from making a picnick blanket. It turned out so cute, and I’m really glad I spent all that time sewing it since we can use it for lots of future birthdays.
  • We used real plates, cups, and silverware to be more eco-friendly. After the party was over I cleaned up and it really wan’t a big pain to rinse everything and put it in the dishwasher. We did use disposable napkins though because we didn’t have enough cloth ones.
  • I didn’t have any other decoration except the bunting which was eco-friendly, but things still looked festive with all the food out etc
  • Jack also wore and organic outfit. Pants from burt’s bees, and a shirt from Frugi. (My outfit was also coincidentally organic from Patagonia)IMG_1665