Natural teething solutions

napping with his panda

Jack is a little over 6 months now, and I’ve been thinking that he may be teething since around 4 months. At his 4 month visit the pediatrician said his gums were hard so he was likely feeling some teething pain, but it could last for months until a tooth erupts. He also started drooling a lot around 4 months, to the point where I ordered 6 bibs on amazon because he was going through more than a bib per day! We ordered these organic cotton ones because they were so cheap, but the velcro irritated Jack’s neck, so my mom and I replaced it with buttons which work really well now.

Some helpful natural things we’ve tried so far for teething pain are:

  • This natural rubber panda. Jack loves kind of scraping it against his gums
  • Baby sophie giraffe who is natural rubber (I didn’t want the big sophie because she has a squeaker and some people on amazon said their babies gagged on her legs)
  • Any wood toy, block, spoon etc since the hardness of it seems to feel good on his gums
  • Wetting the corner of a washcloth and putting it in the freezer so Jack can chew on the cold part (but be careful not to keep the frozen part on his gum for too long)
  • Our doctor said he didn’t use Tylenol for his kids, but gave a little chamomile tea. We debated trying Tylenol but I’m glad we didn’t (at least not so far) because Jack has been seeming uncomfortable for a while, so we would have been giving him medicine all the time. I did try about a half ounce of tea which Jack surprisingly liked from a bottle, but there was no noticeable change.

I’m nervous for him to get his first tooth because I can’t imagine how much it would hurt if he bit me while breastfeeding, but I hope when he does that it helps his gum pain go away. Poor guy!