Home made baby


I love making things at home for cheaper or for free! I enjoy reading Montessori baby blogs like Sew Liberated and getting ideas for interactive baby toys. I really liked this one rolling toy I saw and it seemed to encourage crawling, and I was able to make something like it for free! I just cleaned out a glass lemon juice jar and put some pasta in there and really tightly screwed the cap back on. Jack likes the noise it makes (which is better than the annoying mechanical noise of plastic baby toys) and he likes to try to put it in his mouth or watch it roll.

I also made organic cotton drool pads from cloth I already had for both the Beco carrier and our car seat. Around 4 months Jack started drooling a ton, so we were going through multiple bibs per day! Now it’s decreased but he still drool, and likes to try to eat the straps of things.  I used some velcro I already had, and I just try to keep the scratchy part away from his mouth.


Since we’re doing elimination communication, I also shortened some onesies into T-shirts which makes it faster to take Jack to the bathroom without unsnapping things. People gave us a lot of onesies as gifts, so it was free to hem them and make them into more usable shirts.

I also made some organic fleece diaper liners. I bought fleece from amazon and then just cut it to fit the size of our prefolds. You don’t even have to sew anything because fleece doesn’t unravel! I think they may have shrunk a little in the dryer, so I should have washed them first or made them extra-large. It was around $20 and I made a bunch of liners, so it was a good deal especially for organic ones. They really do wisk away the moisture, but Jack still wakes up a lot at night. His diaper is always wet when he wakes up so I thought the wetness was waking him, but I guess it’s not that, or he’s sensitive enough to feel it through the fleece.