Daily schedule at 14 months



Jack is 14 months old now, and I thought I would write out a typical day for us so that I can remember what it was like later. Yesterday I wrote down what time everything happened at, but it does vary day to day. He takes 2 naps and usually sleeps from 7 or 8pm to 7am (waking up about every 2 hours to eat). He nurses about every 3 hours during the day.

7:30am- wake up, use the potty, play, eat some organic unsweetened cheerios, walk the dog around the block

8- I cook breakfast

9- Breastfeed

9:20- I eat some breakfast while Jack eats some freeze-fried fruit and corn puffs, then clean up Jack, do dishes, and clean the eating area

10:20- put Jack in the carrier and he sleeps within a few minutes. I eat the rest of my breakfast/brunch

11:30- Jack wakes up, breastfeeds, and uses the potty

12-2:30 go to my dad’s house and spend time with grandparents, grandma takes Jack for a walk with her dog, and my dad watches Jack while I exercise a little and do a small sewing project

2:45- arrive home and breastfeed

3-4:10 nap in carrier while mom eats

4:10 Jack eats his dinner, clean up afterwards

4:45- walk the dog for a longer walk

5:15- take a bath

5:45- breastfeed

6- walk to Trader Joe’s to buy groceries

6:20- playtime and clean the kitchen

7:10- I cook some somewhat healthy dessert for tomorrow

7:30- bedtime routine (books, change diaper, breastfeed)

7:45- put Jack in the carrier and he falls asleep after a few minutes, then transfer him to the bed. I sit next to him on my laptop and relax and watch a TV show with headphones. He wakes up to eat once every few hours.

Just imagine how exciting our laundry days must be!