Britax car seat chemicals

Jack asleep in his Orbit non-toxic car seat

Jack asleep in his Orbit non-toxic car seat

I was excited to see that last year, Britax said it was phasing out brominated and chlorinated fire retardants from its car seats. However, I emailed them last week to get an update because I couldn’t find anything online, and I was disappointed to receive the email below (after following up due to a previous vague email). They said that they are reducing the chemicals, which could mean anything, and is far from the Orbit brand which removed them completely. It’s a shame that such a large car seat manufacturer is continuing to use chemicals which have been linked to lowered intelligence, hyperactivity, and hormone disruption in children.

Here is the full email I received:


Last year we announced we would be revising our internal chemical compliance specifications.  These revised specifications require all Britax suppliers to reduce and/or where possible, eliminate the use of all chemicals containing bromine or chlorine from all components used in our car seats and all other products — while still ensuring their ability to pass federal government standards for flammability. We set a target for our suppliers to be compliant to this new standard by the end of 2012.


We are pleased to report successful progress. Our suppliers have worked very diligently toward meeting these more stringent chemical compliance specifications and have successfully reduced and/or eliminated the use of all chemicals containing bromine and chlorine in all components. Britax remains committed to working closely with our suppliers to ensure continued leadership in the area of chemical compliance specifications.


In Britax’s ongoing continuous improvement efforts, we have been phasing in new components as quickly as our suppliers have been able to comply.  This approach has and will continue to ensure Britax products fulfill our pledge in providing parents and children with the best and safest child mobility products.


Our commitment remains to keep you current on our progress and new products.  Please check our website for any future updates.  And thanks for your continued interest and support.

Tracy Thompson

Customer Service Administrative Lead



Britax Child Safety, Inc.

4140 Pleasant Road

Fort Mill , SC 29708