Bedtime routine update



I’m pretty proud of myself that I’ve stuck with the bedtime routine since late December, so about a month now! Every night I read a book or two to Jack (while he tries to eat it or climb off the couch), put on his night time diaper and pants, and rub some coconut oil on him as well as some oil with lavender essential oil. Then I breastfeed if he seems hungry, and lastly walk around with him in the carrier until he falls asleep.

The routine definitely hasn’t hurt, but it hasn’t made bedtime magically super easy either. I try to start between 7 and 7:30, but he’s often not asleep in bed until 8:30. I don’t mind walking him around all that much because I look at my kindle while I walk and think of it as extra exercise, but I sometimes get frustrated if I keep walking and then take him out to feed him and then walk again and breastfeed again… But I’m sure as he gets older it will get easier. I keep hearing around 2 years old things get a lot easier with sleep.

Having the crib sidecared to our bed has been working great. I know my husband wants him to be in his own room, but I love the baby snuggles, being able to make sure he’s breathing whenever I want, and mostly not having to get up from bed to nurse! My friends who did cry it out still feed their babies once or twice a night, and the idea of walking to another room at night and back seems pretty horrible to me.

So while things are far from easy, I’m so glad I never let Jack cry all alone and I’ve taught him that I’m always there for him during the day or at night :) I want him to feel like he is loved all the time, and I’m sure when I’m old I won’t regret losing a few hours of sleep in order to have a great trusting relationship with my child and have gotten hours of extra snuggles at night.

New years and new bedtime routine



Happy new years from me and Jack! I am not doing anything and hope to be asleep by midnight… oh life with a baby.

Poor Jack is getting 3 molars now, so his sleep has been majorly messed up. Over the last few weeks either he wouldn’t fall asleep until 9 or 10, or would wake up in the middle of the night for an hour or two.

I decided to try a bedtime routine (since I’m not letting him cry so there aren’t a lot of other options). I tried halfheartedly before but felt that when he was younger he didn’t really notice so I got lazy.

Here’s our new routine: (has worked pretty well for 2 days now)

-Read book(s)

-Change into night-time diaper (pocket diaper with extra stuffing)

-Put coconut oil on, and use some oil that has lavender essential oil (lavender may help sleep, or the scent could become an association with bedtime at least)

-Get in the tula carrier and get walked around with dim lights while mom sings

hopefully it helps!