Organic baby carriers

Jay in the organic moby wrap

I think that our baby carriers (the moby and beco) have definitely been our most-used baby items. I started wearing Jack in the organic moby the day we got back from the hospital, and he has been in it for hours every day since. I wasn’t sure if having two carriers was too much, but it’s great to have another one to wear when the moby is drying after being washed, and other family members prefer the more structured beco. I’ll give some info about the carriers we have as well as other organic options.

These are some soft wrap-style carriers:

1. Organic moby wrap

I got the white organic moby as a gift, but I would definitely recommend another color that hides stains better! I know some people are worried about how hard it is to tie on, but either go to a local store and they can show you or just watch a few youtube videos. After a few tries, it gets really easy and I can put it on faster than the beco now. I still wear Jack at 7 months and 19 pounds and find it really comfortable. It doesn’t hurt anywhere and the size is totally adjustable each time you put it on. I also love that you can wear it in so many different positions. Jack loves it and falls asleep in it all the time.

2. Organic boba wrap

Like the moby but more stretchy. My friends who have it find it really comfortable, but stopped using it sooner than the moby because it doesn’t support bigger babies enough (probably best up to 15 or maybe 20 pounds).

3. Organic baby K’tan

This is a wrap style like the moby, but you don’t have to actually wrap it, it comes already attached and slips on. It’s not as versatile though and has different sizes, so your husband probably needs another size. I would definitely rather have a moby, but if you are too nervous about the wrapping, this seems like a good alternative.

I never tried a ring sling because I was worried that having the baby’s weight on just one side of my body (off one shoulder) would end up hurting. I know a lot of people like them, but I wanted to get carriers I could use for hours and feel comfortable. I’m glad I did that since I ended up wearing Jack 90% of his waking hours for the first several months, and still several hours a day now at 7 months.

Structured backback-like carriers:


1. Organic Beco

This is the one we have, and I like it a lot (although it gets used less than the moby since it’s a little less comfortable on me). I sewed my own drool cover straps for it because my baby chews on the straps (a good reason to get organic carriers!). This fits me and my husband well, and can be worn facing in, out, on your back, and sideways on your hip. It does have foam unlike the moby which is all organic cotton. I like that it’s pretty small compared to other structured carriers like the Ergo which has thicker straps and a larger sunshade cover part. I find it easier to wear than the Ergo because instead of snapping something behind your upper back, you criss-cross the straps, but I’m sure people have different opinions about that. At the time I bought it, all the Beco carriers were organic so I liked supporting a company that did that, but I think now they have non-organic ones too.

2. Organic Ergo

All my friends seem to have Ergos and really like them. The only reason I didn’t get one was I heard they are better for larger-framed people since they are a little wider, and I thought the sunshade part didn’t look very streamlined in it’s little front pocket. You also need to buy a separate infant insert while you don’t for the Beco. But overall it seems great and people say it’s really comfortable. You can’t wear the baby facing out, but that’s not supposed to be comfortable for the baby really anyway.

I know a few people who have the baby bjorn which comes in organic too, but I’ve heard that it hurts your back and the way it hold babies facing the front puts too much pressure on their crotch. I’ve never tried a mei tai which as far as I can tell is like a beco but it ties closed instead of having snaps and everything. They seem really comfortable and I would definitely try one if I needed another carrier.

My overall favorite: the Moby wrap because it’s SO versatile and comfortable. Runners up are the Beco and Ergo depending on what’s comfortable for you.

Organic minimalistic baby registry

My husband and I decided to register on amazon because they had so many organic options, and you could link to items from other web pages as well.

Here are the things we found most helpful:

loveybums organic wool cloth diaper

  • Organic wool diaper covers- this company is one of the only ones I found that has organic wool in cute colors. They are adorable and worked well with organic cotton prefolds from our diaper service. We had mostly velcro ones because they are easier to remove for EC. We have 3 in each size which is usually fine, and two backup Imse Vimse organic cotton ones (that have PUL on the inside)
  • Once Jack got older and we stopped the diaper service we started using Bumgenius pocket diapers which are really easy to put on. They are not organic, but are made in the USA and keep the baby feeling dry like a disposable diaper. We found that snaps worked better once Jack was older because he couldn’t pull them off
  • Baby carriers! At 6 months I still use my organic moby wrap for hours every day, and it’s so comfortable. We also like the organic Beco (my husband and parents find it easier to wear). Carriers were the only way to keep Jack happy and let me get things done (or even eat) so they are one of the most useful items I got!

organic beco baby carrier

  • A few bottles if you’re pumping. We liked the Lifefactory glass ones

life factory nontoxic baby bottle glass

  • We have 8 organic cotton bibs which seems like a lot, but helps up be able to have fewer clothes because they get less dirty with drool or spit up. Some days Jack drools so much now that we go through multiple bibs! I liked snaps because the velcro irritated his skin. Non white colors also are better because they look less dirty.
  • Since we are doing elimination communication, we prefer separate tops and bottoms to make using the toilet easier.  Burt’s bees has cute (slightly small sized) things, as does Under the Nile and baby soy on amazon.
  • We had about 5 swaddle blankets. My favorite because they were a little bigger and cheap (and organic) was the Hudson brand. We had one with the velcro which was easier for a few weeks, but then can’t be used after your baby grows.
  • I love this organic nursing/sports bra. I got some organic clothes for myself because Jack got some red spots on his face after sleeping on me while I had synthetic fabrics on. This bra is really comfortable and easy. I used organic cloth wipes as absorbent pads inside.
  • I got the Lansinoh manual pump because I’ve only ever been away from the baby for a few hours at a time. It was ok, but I found that hand expressing is actually easier, just as fast, and doesn’t involve any clean-up.
  • I used threads for thoughts tank tops because they are organic and cheap. Jack stretched a lot of them out now, but that’s ok as I’m usually wearing them under something else or under the Moby.

Since we co-slept, we didn’t really need a crib although we did get one and use it more like a play yard. I think the list above is really all our essential items!