Comparison of a Toddler Tula and Beco Genimi

12.19tulaI just recently bought a Todler Tula baby carrier, and I really like it! Jack weighs 22.5 pounds and is almost 30 inches tall and it just fits him. I previously used the Beco Gemini which I loved for the newborn stage through about 20 pounds or so, but recently his legs have gotten way too long for the seat and they hang down in a way that doesn’t look ergonomic. It also started hurting my back and shoulders after over 45 minutes of use, while the Tula doesn’t at all.

IMG_1855Pros about the Beco Gemini:

  • You can use it with a newborn without an insert
  • You can criss cross the straps for more support
  • It can come in organic fabric
  • I LOVE the headrest thing that can flip up or down. It provides great support during naps without obscuring Jack’s view of everything

Pros about the Tula:

  • The body doesn’t have padding (in the area behind Jack’s back it’s just canvas) so you feel closer and more able to hug them like with a wrap
  • The buckles don’t have a safety thing to push on to open them which is on one hand less safe but on the other hand easier to open
  • It’s sooo comfortable!
  • The straps adjust more (they always felt a little big on me in the Beco)
  • It’s OEKO-TEX certified (not organic though)
  • It has a pocket