Father’s day at the beach


We went to the beach today for father’s day and it was the baby’s first time seeing the ocean! He liked walking around and going on the sand, but the water was too cold so he cried when I put his feet in.

I got him the Charlie Banana swim diaper because it has an organic cotton lining, and I couldn’t find one that was entirely organic/eco friendly. I got the turquoise in size medium since Jack is 18 pounds and it’s supposed to be 16-21 pounds, but I’m not sure how much longer it will fit him. At least it has a drawstring around the waist though, so hopefully the size will be ok for a little while. I also liked these because they were labeled as also being useful as training pants, so maybe we can get some use out of them that way once we’re transitioning out of diapers.

We decided to cancel out diaper service at the end of the month and do the laundry at home, so hopefully that will be an incentive to do elimination communication more often and get him out of diapers soon! I managed to have him poop on the toilet a few times in the last couple of days which feels great and is so much less messy!

We are likely going to buy retired prefolds from our organic diaper service because they are really cheap. I’m trying to test out ways of getting poop stains off the diapers naturally by using the sun or lemon juice. Hopefully I’ll find something that works!