Comparison of organic baby clothes brands


We have tried a bunch of different brands of organic baby clothes, and here are my thoughts (for our medium/large-sized baby who is now 10 months and 21 pounds). We particularly liked brands on Amazon because it’s easy to return them if they don’t fit. With so many cheap ($5 per item!) options available, there is no reason to dress your baby in conventional clothes that have pesticides, phthalates, formaldehyde, and chemical flame retardants on PJs!

Babysoy is on amazon and their shirts have been one of my favorites for fit. They have generous neck holes and also wider arm holes so Jack’s fingers don’t get stuck. We got a few of these T-shirts and wore them a lot, and you can even wear them past the recommended size since they are kind of wide-cut. I also like the Janey hats which run about 1 size small.


Jack wearing babysoy shirt and hat, and toys r us organic pants

Under the nile is another of our favorites. We had a lot of the kimono shirts which were nice to not have to put over his head, but I think having to snaps all the snaps is actually harder than getting a shirt over their heads honestly. They also don’t seem to have sizes as large as the babysoy.


wearing an under the nile shirt

I also recently discovered H&M makes organic baby and maternity clothes, and we got some cute shirts and pants for $5 each! It seems like their inventory changes often so I won’t link to anything specific, but they seem to have great deals. I found their sizes run one size large (we got 9 month shirts for our 10 month old).

Burt’s Bees also has organic baby clothes up to toddler age. I like that their clothes are all organic, and the prices are reasonable but you have to pay shipping and to pay shipping to return them. I found they also run AT LEAST one size small, and shrink a little too. Their head holes and arm holes sometimes can be on the small side for us too.

wearing a burt's bees romper

wearing a burt’s bees romper

We also ordered some shirts and pants from this random store I stumbled upon with great prices ($5 for an organic shirt and cheap shipping!) The sizes run quite large, and the section where the arm connects to the body is really big which I don’t like, but we used them as comfy relaxing at home outfits. The pants were fine and not as huge.

wearing this random shirt from horselover's hobbies and gifts

wearing this random shirt from horselover’s hobbies and gifts

I loved the fit of this long-sleeved shirt from Maple clothing. It was on the slightly cheaper side and was very well-made with thicker fabric and good sizing.


maple organic shirt

We also got two shirts from Sage Creek organics which were very cute and colorful but ran small. One had buttons in front so it was fine, but the other one was tight to get his head in the hole.

Sage creek shirt with Gap bib

Sage creek shirt with Gap bib

The gap also has some gender-neutral organic clothes but they ran a little small and were expensive I thought. The quality was nice though.

I also saw that American Apparel has some organic things that are reasonably priced, but we never tried them.

In terms of accessories:

  • Our favorite legwarmers were from Barnyard Babies on etsy but I think they closed! The Babylegs brand dug into Jack’s thighs.
  • Our favorite socks are from Babysoy (size 12-18m fits out 10m old) after trying Jeffries and babylegs which both dug into his ankles.
  • Our favorite receiving blanket was the cheap hudson baby ones because they were the biggest. They worked well for swaddling, and I still use it as a blanket in the stroller now