Pull on vs. wrap diaper covers

I had a hard time deciding what types of diaper covers to buy because some of the wool ones are pricey, especially for organic wool, so I only wanted to buy covers with great reviews. Now that we’ve tried a few kinds, here are my thoughts about some differences between the pull-on type which go on like underwear and the wrap types that look like normal diapers and have snaps or velcro. I keep going back and forth over which type I like best and which is easiest, so I think they both have their good points.


Pros of pull up covers:

  • They don’t have any part that could rub or scratch your baby (no velcro or snaps)
  • I think they are harder for the baby to remove from himself (Jack has removed velcro before)
  • To change them quickly, I just pull them down to his knees and replace the trifolded prefold. It takes a minute to then pull them back up, but it’s quick overall
  • I think they are easier to change on a baby who likes to be standing or rolled onto his stomach
  • You can put baby on the potty for EC while just pulling the diaper down
  • Slightly less leaking at night because of the part around the leg (and some styles go up high on their stomachs)
  • I think they are the cutest, and you can find ones on etsy with adorable designs!


Pros of more traditional wrap style covers:

  • You can change them while the baby is basically asleep with minimally bothering them if they are on their backs
  • They can fit well in a larger range of sizes since the velcro or snaps make them adjustable
  • Definitely possible to use with a trifolded prefold. I’ve used trifolds with the one pull up cover we have because it fits well, but a looser style might not work with that
  • Easier to take off without getting poop all over it if it’s a really messy diaper
  • May be easier for other caregivers to use who are used to typical diapers

I want to buy these Disana organic wool pull on covers which are really reasonably priced for organic wool and try them at night. I like our Loveybums diapers a lot, but the velcro is already starting to fray (and Jack can sometimes remove the diaper) so I decided to buy snaps from now on. The snaps can be a little annoying to do at night though, so that’s part of the reason I looked into pull on covers. We got a cute one from etsy but it’s pretty snug, so I want to buy one last type (if my husband is ok with it! I am a little obsessed with buying wool diapers!) since I think the Disanas look really stretchy and could be easy to just reach in and swap out the prefold. They are also so adorable and seem leak-proof for nights!