Baby led weaning with a picky eater

blueberries for Jack


We’ve been doing baby led weaning with Jack since he was 6 months old, and he’s 13 months now but still barely eating much at all. All our friends with similar aged babies have babies who can’t get enough of food, but Jack often just throws it off the table to our dog. At first he will often put food in his mouth and then spit it out a little later, and then move to just throwing it over.

Some of the foods that he likes more than others are:

  • freeze dried fruit, especially blueberries (whole foods sells them near the nuts and dried fruit, and they taste really good)
  • puffed corn (sold at whole foods in the cereal aisle in a plastic bag. He prefers the corn over the kamut, maybe because it’s slightly bigger)
  • dried apple chips with cinnamon (sold near the dried fruits at whole foods)
  • banana chips I found at trader ioe’s
  • baked dried pea snack sold at trader joe’s and whole foods
  • most types of bread except sliced bread which I think is too squishy for him to hold well


Since his iron was a tiny bit low, I’ve also been giving him applesauce with some blackstrap molasses in it because that has iron, and he likes it better than many other foods (i.e. will eat about 2 teaspoons). Since we do baby led weaning I put it on a spoon and have him hold it with me, and he usually brings it to his mouth. You can also just leave the “loaded spoon” on the table but that got super messy for us.

I bought some special baby organic puffs at whole foods, but Jack didn’t like them, and they had mostly rice flour which I worry about Jack eating too much of because of the arsenic, so I’m glad he prefers blueberries and corn.

We also tried those food pouches everyone seems to use once, but Jack would only eat a tiny amount at once and you are supposed to use it in 24 hours so it seemed like a waste. They also had some issues with recalls, so I’d rather just make my own purees and freeze them in ice cube trays and then use a cube over several days.

Hopefully Jack will start eating more soon! I’ve heard that sometimes they get really interested in food overnight, so we’ll see.

2 thoughts on “Baby led weaning with a picky eater

  1. Have you tried any frozen fruits? My kids love berries of any kind, and once when we didn’t have any fresh, I discovered they particularly enjoy frozen blueberries. Very messy, but very fun.

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