On vacation with a (cloth diapered) baby

IMG_20131217_125142We are in Palm Springs, CA for a few days, and it’s our first vacation with Jack! We drove here which was convenient, but the drive was stressful since Jack doesn’t like the car. It was good because I was able to bring a bunch of pocket diapers, and we have a washer/dryer in our suite so we have been using cloth diapers during the trip. I just used one disposable for the car ride and plan to use another on the way back just to avoid any unnecessary discomfort in the car. 

We went on a hike today which worked well since Jack loves walking around in the carrier. However, he’s teething and doing lots of other normal vacation activities have been harder (like eating out). It’s hard to think of things to do in the evenings with a baby since you can’t go to  a show or movie or nice restaurant. He did enjoy the hotel pool which was fun, and crawling around the room a lot.

I think tomorrow we’ll hike again and go out to a restaurant to see how that goes. Then we’ll try to drive home around 8pm after Jack is asleep so that hopefully he sleeps through the entire trip. 2.5 hours is a long time to try to keep an awake baby happy in the car! Especially if his attention span is less than 5 minutes on average. 



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