Planning an eco-friendly 1st birthday party


I can’t believe Jack is turning one is less than a month! I used to think that I would be excited for him to become a toddler so that he would be more interactive and we could do fun things like go to museums, but I am loving the baby stage and am really sad that it will be ending! I’m trying to appreciate all the snuggly times now, and how Jack loves to be worn in the carrier and take naps right next to me.

We are planning a small party for his 1st birthday at our apartment, and this is what we are thinking:

  • I ordered some organic cotton fabric to combine with some I already have and make a birthday bunting! I’m nervous about it turning out well honestly because I’m an amateur sewer, but I love the idea of it being handmade and starting a tradition of using it for all birthdays in our family. It’s also no plastic and obviously reusable, which is very eco-friendly (more than balloons or even flowers).
  • We’re using real silverware instead of disposable plates etc. (I think napkins are the only thing we don’t have enough of since we only have 4 cloth napkins)
  • We asked for no presents. Hopefully people will really not bring anything!
  • No plastic favors. I may have some kind of edible favor, but I’m not sure yet.
  • I considered making or ordering from etsy an ecofelt birthday crown, but Jack usually does not enjoy hats, so I’m not sure if it’s worth it if he will likely remove it within seconds.
  • We used evite instead of paper invitations.
  • Jack is wearing an organic cotton outfit, and it’s something cute but that he can wear again (not a special “1st birthday” shirt)
  • There is no theme or other decorations. Just mostly home-made organic food and some eco-friendly toys for the babies to all play with
  • I am making a healthy cake at home with only date paste as a sweetener. Definitely better than some store-bought one with trans fat or GMO corn syrup etc! I just hope it tastes ok :) I tried one “apple spice” recipe so far which was good but too ginger-bread-y and had molasses, so I’m going to try some more until I find a good one. I made a coconut frosting with dates which was amazing though!sugar-free cake

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