Eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas

Jack’s birthday and Christmas are coming up, so I’m trying to think of gift ideas. We’re going to ask family to contribute towards the new Orbit car seat which is expensive. We try to keep toys to a minimum, especially since Jack seems to really prefer household objects to toys right now, but I’m coming up with a list of a few non-toxic toys that might work well for a long time.

Some things I’m thinking of are

1. Organic clothes (some for now and some for summer)

2. A walker-type toy like this one by plan toys

3. Something musical like this tambourine that seems safe without exposed metal

4. An nontoxic picnic blanket like these below on etsy, but I’m looking for a cheaper version that still doesn’t have toxic chemicals.

5. Some wooden puzzles with animals or letters like this Hape one that is solid wood and with nontoxic paint

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