Our organic baby budget


I know that we could have save even more money (we made some mistakes as first-time parents), but looking back on how much we have spent over the past almost 9 months on Jack, I’m pretty proud of us resisting a lot of unnecessary baby items and spending more on non-toxic high quality organic things.

Here is our total expenditures on baby things for about the first 9 months. I forgot to add some things I’m sure, and didn’t have totals for other things like the small number of health supplies like baby Tylenol etc.

big items 734
clothes 219
diapers 277
eating 168
other 205

Specifics from each category:

Big items:
mattress 170
2 sheets 30
crib 200
changing pad 107
pad cover 27
high chair 200
hat 7
swim diaper 14
green hat 8
long cat T 14
socks 9
bibs 14
sun hat 23
blue long T 14
blue pants 14
blanket 8
long T turtle 16
green pants 12
2 short T 31
long white T 11
green legwarmers 11
brown legwarmers 13
prefolds 84
fleece 18
2 imse covers 32
2 thirsties covers 24
wool wash 5
blue newborn wool cover 39
wet bag 25
tree diaper cover 25
orange diaper cover 25
place mat 18
4 sm bottles 40
2 pumps 60
ice packs 20
large bottles, 2 30
laundry detergent 15
toilet chair 13
beach tent 36
outlet plugs 4
baby scale 40
night light 7
potty 20
2 pack snappi 20
2 spare car seats 50

We also got a lot of generous gifts from family. This included about half the clothes we used, all the toys, part of the money towards the extra car seats, and maybe 1/3rd the diaper covers. The big gifts were:

stroller 200
bouncer 167
car seat 400
moby 60
beco 130

Hopefully we can have another child, and since we already have so many one-time purchases like the cloth diapers and furniture, I bet if we had another kid or two we could only spend a couple hundred dollars on a few things like clothes and maybe another baby carrier or double stroller.

I’m sure we could have spent a lot less if we had known how everything would be beforehand. For example, we could have done with just a smaller umbrella stroller I think. We also didn’t need the changing pad, although I definitely do use it for large poopy messes sometimes. I also could have done without a pump (I find hand expressing more comfortable) and with a few fewer bottles. I also haven’t used the ice packs yet. Oh well, I feel good about how much we did save though! And we still have a happy baby who doesn’t care that he wears a lot of the same shirts all the time.


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