The easiest natural deodorant that works!



I have been trying different natural deodorants since college when I found out that normal antiperspirant has aluminum which may be linked to breast cancer. This really easy and cheap recipe is the one that works best for me, and I’ve been using it for I think about 2 years now. The alcohol kills the bacteria under your armpits and they are what make your sweat smell bad.

I used the CVS brand of rubbing alcohol (which we also mix 50/50 with water to clean our counters with since it’s safe for granite) and added several drops of this orange essential oil since I like the smell. It doesn’t prevent sweating since it’s just a deodorant, but it generally works most of the day for me. I find it easiest to spray onto my hands and rub it under my armpits.

I love that my baby can fall asleep tucked under my arm and I don’t have to worry about him breathing any chemicals!

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