Velcro vs. snap diaper covers

Now that Jack is 7 months old, we have tried lots of different types of diaper covers. We always used prefolds (organic cotton ones) because that’s what our diaper services used, and we later bought used ones from them to launder ourselves because they are so much cheaper than any other options. They also save on laundry because you generally only wash the cotton prefold, but with pocket covers or all-in-one covers you have to wash the entire thing if the baby pees.

We used mostly wool diaper covers (organic by loveybums) and occasionally organic cotton ones (by imse vimse) which have PUL plastic on the inside to make them waterproof, so I didn’t like that as much.


Pros about diaper covers with velcro:

    • A few seconds faster to take on and off (helpful if you do elimination communication and want to take them off often to potty, or just don’t want your baby in dirty diapers for long and change them very often)
    • Easier to put on at night when it’s dark
    • Get a slightly more exact fit around the waist each time
    • 1.26smile


Pros about covers with snaps:

  • They seem to last longer without getting frayed or coming off
  • They won’t scratch baby’s stomach when he sits up
  • I think they looks nicer (especially cute in photos)
  • You don’t have to worry about them sticking to things in the washing machine

Overall, I wish we had bought more velcro covers in the small sizes, but now that Jack is sitting up the velcro scratches his stomach often, so we switched to snaps for the large sizes.

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