Our decision about vaccines

I know this is such a polarizing topic, and that everyone has to make the best decision for their family, but I wanted to share what we decided to do. I got the Dr. Sears vaccine book which I thought had a lot of great scientific info about all the ingredients in vaccines, the fact that there is not really a proven connection to autism, but that there are a lot of chemicals in them which are not necessarily safe. We decided to use his alternate schedule which means that we broke up the vaccines instead of giving 5 or more shots in one visit. I was sad that our doctor only carried the DTaP with the highest aluminum levels, but we got it anyway because of the threat of pertussis.

Here is the alternative schedule:

2 months-DTaP, Rotavirus

3 months-Pc, HIB

4 months-DtaP, Rotavirus

5 months-Pc, HIB

6 months-DTaP, Rotavirus

7 months-Pc, HIB

9 months-Polio, Flu (2 doses)

12 months-MMR, Polio

15 months-Pc, HIB

18 months-DtaP, Polio

21 months-Flu

2 yrs-Chickenpox

2 yrs. 6 months-Hep B

2 yrs. 7 months- Hep B, Flu

3 yrs. Hep B

4 yrs. DtaP, Polio, Flu

5 yrs. MMR, Flu

6 yrs. Chickenpox, Flu

7 yrs. Hep A, Flu

8 yrs. Hep A, Flu

age 9-18 yearly Flu

12 yrs. Tdap, HPV

13-14 HPV (3 doses)

16 Meningococcal

I’m not positive yet what we’re going to do about flu, chickenpox, and polio, but as of now we have followed this schedule for the first 6 months.

I always feel so bad taking Jack to get vaccines, and my friend told me about this buzzy the bee thing that I bought to see if it helps Jack cry less. I think at 6 months he’s too young to really use it now since the vibrating might scare him, but I’ll try it on myself next time I need to get blood drawn or a shot (I get scared of needles so I’m hoping it can help like the studies show!) and if it works, maybe it will get used by the whole family! For now, I just ask the nurse to let me wear Jack in the beco carrier during the shot because he gets a lot less upset being in a “hug” than if I had to hold him down on the table. They have given me a hard time, but it’s worked out in the end every time so far.

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