Plastic-free baby?


We try to minimize plastic in our house, especially for baby items, but in today’s society it can be really hard!

I won’t go into all the issues with plastic here because it’s easy to find good info online. One study I saw recently said that even BPA-free plastic  leaches endocrine-disrupting chemicals, so we really try to buy mostly wood, stainless steel, and glass items. If you need to buy plastic, silicone is supposed to be the safest as far as I know.

Here are some things we do to try to limit plastic exposure:

  • Use cloth diapers
  • No plastic baby toys
  • No “activity mat” type things
  • Use items we already have as toys (Jack loves wooden spoons, metal spoons, cups, pans, cardboard boxes)
  • Only cook with stainless steel pans or GreenPans (no toxic “nonstick” pans)
  • Use glass bottles or stainless steel ones (Jack likes the Pura steel ones, but they leak more than the Lifefactory glass ones)
  • Use this steel ice cube tray to freeze breast milk
  • Use glass tupperware to store frozen milk (and eventually food for baby). The lids on these Anchor ones are plastic, so eventually I’ll switch them for another brand.
  • Hand express instead of pump milk
  • Use a wooden high chair with no tray or get a silicone placemat (we have this one to contain messes)

Instead of an “activity mat,” you can buy a wood activity gym,  or make your own by tying a ribbon or string across a crib or under a table and hanging some toys. Jack enjoyed our home-made play center in his crib :) I later switched the string for a nicer looking ribbon


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